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💼 Hello! I’m Elif, a Product Designer with an Architecture Background
My journey from architecture to product design has been an exciting adventure, blending my love for systematic thinking and creative problem-solving. I transitioned into product design to explore my passions for technology, business, and psychology, bringing a unique perspective to the tech world.

🚀 Currently at DEPT®
I’m currently a product designer at DEPT® in New York City, collaborating with a wide range of clients, from innovative startups to established enterprises. I specialize in designing and building tools from concept to MVP for both mobile and desktop platforms, including SaaS and B2B/B2C products. My expertise includes leading design sprints, developing design systems, prioritizing and iterating features and many more.

🌍 Design for Impact
Growing up in a city with many design-related problems helped me to be a good observer. Witnessing these problems in everyday life that result in inequality, and waste of resources, I have always prioritized creating user experiences, with special attention to social & environmental impact.

🔧 A Wide Range of Experience
Throughout my career, I've had the opportunity to work in various design fields, including product, branding, and service design, as well as architecture, interior, and furniture design. This diverse background allows me to approach challenges from multiple angles and develop comprehensive, effective solutions.

👥 Team Player
I thrive in fast-paced environments and believe in the power of diverse, collaborative teams. Whether I'm consulting or working directly within a team, I integrate seamlessly and focus on building systems that enhance business efficiency and create delightful user experiences.

💡 Passionate and Strategic
With a strong interest in design strategy, I bring critical and systematic thinking to every project. My goal is to create meaningful, impactful designs that not only meet business objectives but also resonate with users on a deeper level.

I'm always up to chat about life, the Universe and everything else.

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