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💙 As a generalist and a curious mind at heart, I switched my career from Architecture to Product Design to pursue my interests in technology, design, business, and psychology.

🔍 Growing up in a city with many design-related problems helped me to be a good observer. Witnessing these problems in everyday life that result in inequality, and waste of resources, I have always prioritized creating user experiences, with special attention to social & environmental impact. 
🧐 Previously I have worked across a wide range of fields from a product, branding, and service design to architecture, interior, and furniture design. Combining my background in architecture with UX experience, I established a strong sense of systematic and cricital thinking, also have a huge interest in design strategy.

🗽 Currently, I am working as a product designer at DEPT® in New York City.

I'm always up to chat about life, the Universe and everything else.

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