Based upon decades of operational field experience and scientific research, C-THRU delivers the most relevant information for truly intuitive navigation and communication when it matters most.


iPad app aims to help develop a better communication, navigation and coordination tool for firefighters with the help of 5G technology. 

UX/UI Designer
In collaboration with Qwake Technologies︎︎︎
Visual Design, User Research, Wireframing, User Flow, 

Designing for highly risky situations

C-THRU has been developed by Qwake Technologies. The project consists of 3 main products:

1- Navigator ( Helmet Mounted Connected AR Vision)
2- Visual Command ( iPad App Coordination Tool for Incidents)
3- Incident Insight ( Cloud Based Analytics Operation & Training Insight)

Engineering, Product and Design team has been working on the first two products for almost five years with a tons of field research, trials, iterations and improvements. 

The dev and design team which I am a part of have been working on the iPad app to resolve the usability issues, implement design principles, UI consistency. 
Re-designing and developing the new feautures to help the firefighters communicate, organize and have insights during the incident is also a very big part of my daily responsibilities.

For more information, please reach me at karakoseelif@gmail.com.

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