Container Park


I participated in this project after the concept design phase. My role includes post production, presentation and some further design issues. The project was awareded with Architizer A+ Awards.

Architect & Visual Designer
In coloboration with ATOLYE
Architectural Design, System Design, Concept Development, Visual Design

The Project

The project repurposes 35 second hand shipping containers to form the centerpiece of a new, vibrant research community on the campus as well as to function as a creative magnet for talent in Ege University, Izmir and Aegean region at large.

Site-specific design:

The project started with the discovery of a dormant site with the rubble of a demolished building amidst the large university campus. By repurposing locally acquired second hand shipping containers located 12km away in Izmir port, the design team was able to upcycle an underused site with underused construction materials.

Ecological Design :

Aside from an exceptional amount of material recycling and reuse, the project exhibits a wide gamut of ecological strategies. By placing container modules with maximum north-south exposure and narrow cross sections, the design maximized the ability to use passive solar strategies coupled with natural ventilation.

Future-proofed Design:

Given that adaptability and resilience of a core & shell building is its biggest asset in the long term, the project features multiple technical details such as exposed beams and columns, visible electrical trays, abundant plugs, high-capacity ventilation, locally controllable heating-cooling systems and supporting sub-structure to help build separators in the future. All these systems help easily modify spatial programs over time.

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