Parents‘ Box

An online market app for new parents - iOS


Parents’ Box is an on-line market app for new parents with a strong focus on creating a trustworthy environment for helping them.

The app provides a platform where you can purchase pre-made boxes that contain essential baby products. In the app, you can find short explanations/instructions on each product that the box contains.

Product Designer
1.5 month
User Research, UX / UI Design, Prototyping,
User Testing

Defining the Problem

“almost 70 percent of couples experience a decrease in marital satisfaction during the first year of baby’s life.” (

Raising a child is a very unique experience and it is difficult to jump to conclusions. I have been witnessing this experience in the first place because I recently had a niece.
It's easy to see how parents struggle with a lot of new experiences. Most of the apps are focusing on baby tracking, there is a lack of parents - focused app.

How might we create a platform where new parents support each other and find the correct product easily?

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Quick Summary Before
Delving Deeper

︎︎︎ Parents Box prepares boxes and carefully picks the right products for babies and new parents. It provides a service for quick access to products because first months are full of suprises.
︎︎︎ By building a strong community for new parents the app assists them about the first months .
︎︎︎ Shared profiles would help parents to update each other.
︎︎︎ Personalized gifts would comfort new parents.

Time To Do My Research

Besides my personal observations I got to learn more about what’s out there. There is a huge market for babies and new parents. I had an awesome opportunity to see common patterns, what are the weaknesses and which solutions work best at the moment.  Several methods helped me to create the foundations for my product. So here we go!

Doing the Competitive

To learn about current solutions and problems on the market, I conducted brief competitive analysis of the baby and parents apps.

Talking to Users

To understand the problems I conducted five interviews with new parents.

Creating Personas

I came up with three personas after analyzing the interviews.


User Flow

User flow maps helped me to visualize Seth’s goals.


Due to the tight schedule I created fast sketches and jumped to the mid-fidelity wireframes. User tests revealed small vulnerabilities of the user interface, in some interactions. Users’s feedback led to further improvements.

User Test

I tested the first wireframes on users and updated them according to feedbacks.

Key Features


& Categories

No need to sign up. See what the app offers and go through the whole app. Easy search with filters.

Box & Product

See what’s inside the box, have an insight for all the product details, choose the one which fits your needs.

Pick Up
& Order

See the closest pick-up point for you first. Then decide if you want to sign up.

Send &
Receive Gifts

Give meaningful gift to each other with your partner.

Hi-Fi Prototypes

Thank You!

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