YAWN helps you get lazy on digital platforms and engage more in the physical world through some instructions.


The app’s aim is to reduce the time spent on digital platforms especially on public spaces where the term public and private juxtapose. 

Product Designer
1 Month
Practices: User Research, UX / UI Design, Prototyping, User Testing

Blurry Line of Public
and Private

Smartphone users are losing the importance of physical world norms such as observing others, interacting with them and socializing in public spaces ︎.

In a world, we spend more and more time on our phones, we are loosing the difference between public and private spaces. As most of the people are living in cities we need to be more observant to understand the dynamics where we live.

How might we encourage people to spend less time on their phones and focus on the physical world ?

YAWN Manifesto

YAWN encourages people to spend less time on digital devices by turning instructions into tasks that can be played with other people.
Using the approximity and the iOS AirDrop feature, instructions are easy to share.
YAWN is contagious, the option of teaming up with others will let you explore more.

Research Time!

The user profile for the app was very diverse. As public places are for literally everyone I needed to narrow down my research. First, I spent hours at different open areas in NYC and spotted some spesific user profiles to focus. Also done my desk research to be ready for the challenge! 

Competitive Analysis

So far there were no comparable offers. My research applied to products from different fields with the same goal. I checked the productivity, well-being apps and games to see how to encourage people keep using the app. 

Who are YAWN Users?

To understand the problems I conducted four interviews with people between 22-40 years old. Because that was the age range that mostly used phone at public spaces according to my observations.

After getting to know my users I created the user flows to come up with initial prototypes.

Prototype, Observe,
Iterate, Iterate,Iterate

For the first flow I tried to design how could be the first encountering with the app.

I also needed to figure out how to spread the word between users depending on the proximity.

Then I decided to try AirDrop feature for the users. So they didn’t need to be connected to the wifi.I decided to try it out and see how many people accept my files.

I prototyped these alerts and send them to random people for a month 

It was suprising to see a lot of people were using their AirDrop settings open to everyone.
That was a fun experiment. Though the real results wouldn’t make me to hold on to the idea. But since this was an experimental project I continued to work on the idea.

Key Features

Pick a task

& get Involved

When you want to be a part of your surroundings pick a card with a task that helps you to engage with your physical world.

Create your YawnKit

Stop, listen, observe then collect your findings in your YawnKit. Keep building physical memories.

Complete your tasks
and extend your network

You will have to complete your tasks on time, otherwise, you will lose your chance to see others’ kits. By completing your tasks you will extend your network.

Share with AirDrop

YAWN is contagious, help others to YAWN, send the app with AirDrop, spread the word. Share or receive tasks, play together.

Thank You!

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